About Fuji Bonsai
Serving the bonsai community since 1965​​​​​​​​​
50 + Years of Professional Service
Fuji Bonsai, founded by Shigeru Nagatoshi in Sylmar, California in 1965 and continued by son Roy Nagatoshi, upholds the history and heritage of bonsai masters of generations past.

Master Roy Nagatoshi has been an energetic ambassador of bonsai as he travels throughout the world to provide bonsai training and consultations.  Master Nagatoshi leads bonsai enthusiast travel groups to Japan in an effort to discover, honor and understand the roots of bonsai, along with experiencing the Japanese culture and people.

Fuji Bonsai grows pre bonsai trees from seeds and cuttings, then using bonsai traditions, develops the trees specifically as bonsai stock. These pre bonsai trees grow next to incredible trees hundreds of years old.

The bonsai classes provided on-site twice a week offer all levels of bonsai enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of bonsai.

Master Nagatoshi reaches out to Veterans who serve our country, working in partnership with organizations that support our Veterans to introduce them to bonsai.